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如何使用Drupal 8清理内容

Organizing Your Website Results in Higher Google Rankings

Drupal 8清洁内容肥皂

创建优秀的网站内容并将其呈现出来是提高谷歌排名和吸引更多访问者的最佳方式。While you need to create the content,Drupal8是一种优秀的内容管理系统(CMS),可以很好地组织和展示它。Drupal组织营销内容的能力是它一直对SEO很好的原因之一。

A winning SEO strategy requires relevant,timely,以及组织良好的内容。Website content provides the relevant substance for your keywords and includes links to related content.新内容优先于旧内容,谷歌搜索结果中陈旧的内容。When your website content is well-organized,访问者和搜索引擎会发现它更容易导航,谷歌会奖励你的网站更高的排名。




Write content that you would love to read.这会吸引你的读者的兴趣,让他们谈论你的网站,并链接到你的网站。徳赢电子游戏Remember to write for your audience not for the search engine.搜索引擎算法比以往任何时候都更聪明,考虑的概念比关键字要广泛得多。搜索引擎将评估整个页面,以获得最佳搜索匹配。

用Drupal,你可以把伟大的想法变成有组织的文本,graphics and videos that are valuable to your users.Drupal的内置Taxonomy系统允许您对内容进行分类和标记,以便您的观众能够轻松找到符合他们兴趣的内容。Another building system,意见,徳赢电子游戏gets your content out of Drupal and onto the page without needing a query.您可以创建满足特定需求的视图和过滤器。


虽然最新的谷歌搜索算法可能会减少对精确短语的需求,现在不要放弃它们。You should still optimize your content with keyphrases,just don't overuse them or use them unnaturally.Repeating keywords without any valid reason will turn off visitors and search engines.即便如此,make sure your keyword shows up once or twice in the document.

To find related words that will help your ranking,尝试像这样在谷歌中输入关键词:~yourkeyword.这是一个近似或同义词搜索。It finds terms that are related to the one you're searching for.注意搜索结果中加粗的项目,你会看到谷歌认为近似和相关的关键词。围绕这些条款写更多的内容,谷歌会奖励你的努力。

在Drupal 8中,这个实时搜索引擎优化模块可以帮助您围绕关键词优化内容。This module evaluates your text and compares it to SEO best practices.

创建新节点时,您将看到一个叫做Drupal实时SEO的部分。您可以在这里识别focus关键字。这个模块向您展示了您的列表在Google中的样子,并允许您编辑它。您还可以编辑标题标签,URL path and meta description.Then the module evaluates your content and makes recommendations on what to change to improve SEO.它将为您提供创建内容时要修复的项目列表。拥有这个模块将使你的搜索引擎优化策略保持在轨道上。

三。Use internal links

正确形成和放置链接对于任何SEO活动都是一个强大的策略。Quality links can improve navigation and increase website traffic.Links to other sites and link to pages within your own website are also useful in helping visitors to view more relevant content.

Ensuring that your internal links stay accurate is made easier using theLinkit module为Drupal 8。此模块在内容编辑器中提供了一个自动完成字段,使创建链接变得容易,并确保链接的格式正确。最新的,and accurate.LinkIt模块替换Wysiwyg编辑器中的内置链接机制。一旦模块安装完毕,您只需选择要链接的文本并单击链接按钮。

To 徳赢电子游戏get even more value from links,您可以安装D8编辑器高级链接模块.现在,当你在文本,添加一个链接将有一个“高级”下拉框。Here,you can fill in the appropriate fields such as title,类,身份证件,针对c徳赢电子游戏keditor中每个链接的target和rel。SEO得到了改进,因为页面上每个链接都有更多的文本信息。

4。Organize your content

有组织的内容是有用的内容。围绕类别组织内容,然后在副标题上创建支持主要观点的部分。Drupal 8 has built-in modules to help you do this already,which is another reason that Drupal is the best CMS for SEO.通过把相似的想法放在一起,徳赢电子游戏您的网站将对您的访问者更有用。It's also easy to see where to focus your writing efforts to fill in content categories.

For the main content of your site,you should create a taxonomy category with a handful of keyword-rich terms that all of your content will fit under.如果您在这些类别中有大量的类别和内容,it's easy to add a few relevant keywords to the category pages.如果你的内容分散在太多的类别中,or it's not organized at all,it's almost impossible to 徳赢电子游戏get all those ideas onto one page.

有组织的路径和URL也很重要。从主页单击的内容不应超过三次。The closer the node is to the home page,the more important Google thinks it is and the higher that individual page will rank.

Using Drupal,it's easy to create paths that give your site a nice,干净的层次结构,使游客更容易找到他们的路。使用路径自动模块you can automate SEO-friendly URLs.在URL中输入好的单词对于SEO来说是很好的,所以这个模块是必不可少的。Drupal URL paths with Pathauto operate in patterns.Instead of creating a path to every single piece of content,it's better to specify a pattern for groups of content.Drupal将遵循这个模式,这样您就可以在整个网站上保持一致性。

cute kitten feet5.Make your website easy to navigate using hierarchy

整个网站的组织和标签非常重要。分类法(例如,博客类别和标签)应该有良好的结构和层次结构。Google loves hierarchy because it helps them understand your content.Visitors love hierarchy because it helps them figure out your site's organization structure.

Another way to show your site's hierarchy is through breadcrumbs.Breadcrumbs are top-of-page navigation elements that show visitors where they are on a website.Drupal8将在添加简易面包屑模块.此模块从Drupal路径构建面包屑。Each "/" becomes a part of the breadcrumb.The first breadcrumb comes from the Easy Breadcrumb configuration page while the title of the node becomes the last breadcrumb.Breadcrumbs help SEO by showing the hierarchy of your content to Google too.

当您提供HTML站点地图时,导航也得到了改进。The Sitemap module for Drupal 8 provides an html sitemap which is a "cheat sheet" that makes it easier for visitors and search engines to navigate your website.您的访问者可以使用站点地图查找他们要查找的内容。这会增加他们在现场的时间并降低反弹率。

6。Keep your content compliant

写得不好的HTML可能会混淆GoogleBot,甚至你的访问者的浏览器。When your HTML follows web standards such as the ones created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C),you may find that better SEO follows.谢天谢地,checking your website's HTML is easy with theW3C Validator module.This Drupal 8 module checks the markup validity of your website.一旦运行模块,you will receive a list of errors for each page which you can turn over to your web developer.虽然你不必为每一个错误操心,修正这些大错误会对你的搜索引擎优化产生影响。

Improve your Drupal 8 content management

Using the tips above will go a long way toward improving your Drupal 8 website for more website traffic and quality leads.If you need step-by-step guidance to improving Drupal 8 content management and SEO,看一看Drupal 8搜索引擎优化.这本书是优化你的内容和提高你的谷歌排名的权威指南,它一步一步地详细介绍了所有这些技巧。

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